Eastern Iowa Community Bond Project

Bond (also called bail) is one of two primary factors, in addition to obtaining legal defense, that will determine if an immigrant arrested by ICE will be deported or granted relief.

This is not due process.  This is not justice.  

Our mission is to increase access to due process within the immigration justice system by providing bail funds and additional legal support to immigrants detained by Immigrations Customs Enforcement.

Our goal is to break down barriers to fair immigration court proceedings for vulnerable populations who otherwise would not be able to post bail fees and access legal support due to low socio-economic status.

Our vision is to challenge a system that results in poorer outcomes for individuals based solely on one’s economic status. We aim to recognize and protect the contributions of under-documented and immigrant people to our lives and communities.


3% of immigrants arrested in an immigration raid who are not able to post bond and have no legal representation are granted relief from deportation.

74% of immigrants arrested in an immigration raid who are able to post bond and obtain legal representation are granted relief from deportation.

Posting Bond

Posting bond slows the deportation process down. Immigrants are allowed to return home to their families, continue to work in our community, and obtain legal representation while their case is pending – there is currently a backlog in immigration cases, so individuals may have years of bonded time to prepare their case, or get their family ready to face deportation. The hope is that with adequate legal representation and assistance, individuals are able to figure out a remedy or eventual pathway to U.S. Citizenship.

Defend Immigrants

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